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ok, so i think this has been the longest i’ve gone without posting . . . maybe EVER. my sincerest apologies. since surgery on the 26th, i’ve been sleeping about 20 hours a day and sending randOM emails the other 4. uh oh. i hear sOMe are a bit amusing. when i left the hospital on thursday, august 26th, i basically was in bed until tuesday when it was time to return to school. nothing like starting your semester full of muscle relaxers and percocet. wowza.

i walked in a zig zag pattern, smiled the full 4 hours of my first few classes, and took incomprehensible notes. that’s when i realized it was time to step away from the meds. now advil is my friend. funny, after my shoulder surgery i stopped taking the fancy meds after 2 days due to the nausea they caused. this lot came with nausea reducers, too, so i felt *no* pain, forgot most conversations (poor beau), and had mild hallucinations. all in all, good thing i didn’t have the energy to blog!

during mOMents of sanity, i tried to keep up with twitter but was mostly sleeping. thursday was an all-day toolkit day for all MSW students’ upcOMing internships. mine is at n street village and starts next week. i’ll be working in the education and employment center all day wednesday and thursday for a year. must confess i’m a bit nervous (and excited) about working for sOMeone else, learning new skills, and fitting all this into my schedule – especially with my current energy level (which is zero). i’ve already had 2 3-hour naps today alone!

i share all this to say je suis désolé for my delay in writing! i’m here. i’m alive. i got my yucky post-surgery “club” replaced with a pink cast yesterday (SO brightened my spirits). and, i have a turquoise pin through my thumb to realign it over the next 5 weeks. ouch. i’ll spare you the photo on that one!

weeks in review:
– bed day for 1.5 weeks surrounded by lit candles, incense, stargazer lilies
– launched “the tranquility project” my *new* e-course: join us!
– surgery
– doctor appointments
– rocked new pink cast
– had article published on finding tranquility at work
– stopped off for a much-needed flaky croissant and savored *every* bite
– didn’t open laptop for days (seriously unheard of) . . . iPhone was my drug of choice.
– shipped TranquiliT orders that had cOMe in
– approved *new* hOMepage – you will LOVE it!
– launched *new* – hope you love it. 8ish months of work.
– snuggled with louis the pug for hours
– beau baked me a dozen cupcakes. i ate them for every meal. yum!
– gained oodles of lbs in “water” weight – so my doctor said. need. me. sOMe. exercise.
– took bonnard to vet twice. $1500 later, turns out he has pancreatitis. background: LOVE this cat but he is SUCH a lemon. 12 years old. had oodles of kidney crystals early on (thousands $), became blind/paralyzed overnight and had to get a “cat scan” and see a kitty neurologist (thousands $), we began researching how to care for a disabled cat, few steroids later, he miraculously recovers, he has a love of rubber bands, eats some, get lodged in his belly, emergency surgery to remove (thousands $), and now he’s lost half his weight (yes, he was a bit obese) and the internist wants to put him on 4 meds. um, more to cOMe. funny thing, this kitty was an alley kitten offered up to a free hOMe in a meditation class in 1998. free = 10k kitty! . . . ok, who i ADORE. oh, and he’s the meanest kitty out there. vets used to call for backup when he was younger. he takes swipes at beau (once in the head). yep, that’s bonnard! gotta love ’em.
– back to school for class and seminar on internship. bit fuzzy from drugs. grasped 5%. yikes.
– beau had to wash my hair again (like during shoulder surgery days). poor thing, i’m like “you probably didn’t expect to do this for another 50 years, eh?”

ok, so maybe not the most productive weeks, but quite tranquil thanks to my meds and forced slow down. there’s sOMething to be said about being made to rest. although i’m beginning to feel a bit concerned about the return of my energy (next week is a big week with the internship starting and returning to teaching yoga), i’ve enjoyed this crazy change of pace. the world kept spinning. yoga classes kept going. websites launched. beau handled everything like a pro.

and i savored sOMe much needed tranquility.

p.s. BIG merci beaucoup for all your love via facebook during this time. sooooo appreciated. bisous. bisous. bisous.