bonnard is back

love notes
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 sir bonnard as a kitten circa dec 1998
bonnard resting chez moi post “10thish” rush to emergency vet 
yesterday le beau (who has a love/hate – more hate – relationship with bonnard) picked up my favorite kitty and snapped the bottom photo when he got him home. he’s purring on the kitchen table next to me as i type this. yes, i let my pets on the kitchen table. no judgement, ladies. thank gawd i’m not reproducing!

my mum sent me the top photo earlier this month and it felt apropo to share our early days. last night i smoothered him in kisses, caresses, and kind words (i’ve always told him he could be anything he wanted to be – even a nice kitty). i was full of gratitude for him making it through yet another rush to the emergency vet. funny thing, they don’t know what his problem is. clearly he needs a reset button via hours of IV every few months so i’ll engage in more preventive care
with the little monster moving forward.

i can’t thank you enough for your kind words. it means so much. i just finished a podcast interview with the lovely susannah conway (coming soon!) where we discussed how amazing the blogging community is and how grateful we were to be a part of the circle. during early days of rushing bonnard to the emerg vet, i would share it with my students at tranquil space, now lovelies from around the globe can chime in with kindness and it’s such a beautiful experience.

thank you, thank you, thank you. may bonnard have many more lives left. even if he is the devil.

bisous. x