columbus, ohio anyone?

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Dear hip tranquil chicks in Columbus, Ohio, Ms. Sally has set up a yahoo groups to keep everyone connected and discussing all things hip and tranquil.

She writes: “This group is a local chapter of Hip Tranquil Chick, a great blog and podcast by Kimberly Wilson. This is a place for hip tranquil chicks in the Columbus, Ohio area to meet to discuss subjects brought up in Kimberly’s latest podcast, and also to chat about local hip, tranquil events & activities. It’s also a place to share your opinions on local yoga studios, holistic health practitioners, and the like. If you are a hip, tranquil chick in the Columbus, Ohio area and are looking to connect with other like-minded women, please join!”

To join, click here. If you’d like to set up a yahoo groups in your area, I’m happy to join and assist in any way I can!

Thank you, Sally, for being a pioneer in the hip tranquil chick movement!