compassion = with passion

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i attended sacred circles: a celebration of women’s spirituality this evening at the national cathedral. what an honor to be in the presence of such fabulous feminine energy. i was mainly interested in hearing eileen fisher speak as i am impressed with her business style – the incredibly feminine way that she has created her business. she was an interior designer who wanted a more comfortable approach to clothing, and that is how her 200 million dollar empire began – apparently other women wanted comfy clothes too! aren’t many passions created by craving something you are unable to find so you put yourself out there, and a wave begins?

the theme of this event was compassion. she stated that she struggled to think of how she shows compassion and then realized that compassion actually means “with passion,” and she lives passion! isn’t this what so many of us crave? a life based in passion, a life that screams our true self, a life that inspires others. when i got home and was finishing preparations for tomorrow’s creativity circle with 12 fabulous women on their creative path, i was reminded of the importance of living with passion in a creative way. during my daily routine which involves numerous meetings, e-mails, phone calls, and 12+hour work days, i find it important to remember that this IS my passion. growing a business, nurturing others’ growth, creating systems that help support this growth, coming up with new yoga sequences, keeping my finger on the pulse, buying for the tranquiliT boutique, desiging the tranquiliT lifestyle line, writing, mentoring others – this is how i work to live with passion!

yes, the days are long. yes, i get disappointed by inauthenticity. yes, some days are harder than others. but, i believe eileen is right. we must live with passion or we become stagnant, stale, complacent, dull, bored, angry. i teach what i most need to learn and i’m a big evangelist of passion and creativity. to summarize, zest for life is a must to living with compassion. let your life scream passion. let your life scream individuality. may your life never become sans passion.