feelin’ groggy

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i’ve been meaning to share a photo from the tranquil space team retreat and here it is! darling, eh? what an amazing group!

today was not a typical day. up at 8 for my 9am meeting and realized i had no juice in my system. canceled, crawled back into bed, and slept until 12:30. had to get up and head to my exciting procedure. filled out tons o’ paperwork, got all dolled up in the not-so-tranquil hospital attire, and awaited my IV. never fun but now they do a local numbing so i didn’t even feel it. divine! then a breathing tube and wheeled in for the procedure. i remember feeling very good and then waking up shortly thereafter. next to a chair where i consumed as many saltine and graham crackers as i could get my hands on. yum! first bit of food or drink in over 12 hours! a nice man wheeled me out to the curb (with beau in tow) where my chariot (dc cab) awaited. back home to rest some more. unfortunately or fortunately, they didn’t find any abnormalities. so the quest continues to figure my silly gurgling issue out while my throat is a bit sore due to swallowing random objects.

in some odd way, today was a nice respite from my typical day. i mean, it’s not every day you’re wheeled around, given crazy drugs, and get to wear a paper hat! there’s always a silver lining. hope your day was equally exciting!

tomorrow is louis’ the pug’s 3-year birthday party. definitely photos to come. and doug swenson is in town this weekend at the studio so lots o’ fun lined up. plus my yoga + writing workshop at tranquil space – sunday 4:30-7:30! come out if you’re writing curious. happy friday.