happy 5 years sir louis

love notes
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yesterday was louis’ special 5-year birthday bash at the cabin. we were blessed with a lovely group of friends to help us celebrate this “momentous” occasion. here are a few photos from the fete:
louis donning his new handmade sweater a la auntie shizuka and running with her darling son gota, moi watching louis hoard balls (note him directly under me), louis awaiting guests in his signature/way too small “birthday boy” tee given as a gift at his first birthday bash, the facial masks/soy candles/rose tea takeaways for guests, and louis sitting in his own chair by mark hoping someone will serve him.
note the oodles of cupcakes and local apples on the table. louis has a way of standing on his hind legs and extending his tongue to reach items near the edge of the table. he was lucky enough to score some icing from these homemade cupcakes a la auntie michelle.
ample apple cider flowed, festive scented candles were lit, and a fire added a welcoming touch. it was a fun event and a treat to host friends at beau’s cozy cabin in the woods.