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when i spoke to the graduates of the GWU biz bootcamp on friday, i emphasized that our lives are about service to others, the environment – whatever cause touches us. hearing that you have touched someone makes me feel completely content in the moment (for a moment, then i have another idea that i leap on . . . ) and incredibly grateful for my life. this e-mail arrived in my overflowing in box a couple of weeks ago and i’ve been savoring it like a juicy piece of candy. i want to share it with you as a reminder that we touch people in ways we don’t even realize at the time. let’s bask in this e-mail as inspiration to try to shine as brightly and boldly as possible (even if it isn’t conventional) each and every day:

“I first met you when you came to Denver this past April, and since then so many things have changed for me, and I have been inclined for some time to say Thank You.

I came to your workshop with no understanding of why. I had always studied with the very “serious” teachers (doesn’t that sound awful?) and I felt so sure that the only place that I would find enlightenment was in an ashram or Buddhist temple. I have done all the reading, tons of teacher trainings, disciplined self study, etc.. and yet as a 31 year old mother of two, I was no where near enlightenment, or even more important, peace and contentment. I had seen an advertisement for your workshop, and I decided to sign-up. I was not exactly the type to do anything that looked too “girlie”, but still I signed up. I even felt compelled to go out and buy your book that day. I read it from cover to cover that night (my son and husband sound asleep beside me). I was struck with what was covered on those pages. Was it really this simple, just to relax and enjoy life and make it your own? To be creative, to think of yourself as an artist, to embrace that side of yourself that normally (at least for me), we are all so scared of? A few weeks later I arrived for your workshop. The yoga practice over the next few days was amazing, and everything about you was just as down to earth as I expected. That weekend, and everything that I have learned about myself since then, is extraordinary. I certainly never expected to find a sense of enlightenment from a woman from DC who links Kitty heels with yoga, but darn if it didn’t happen. In the past few months I have read a lot of the books on your recommended list, given my iPod a very groovy update, held several fantastic savvy soirees, and simply added so many wonderful touches to my everyday life. I really enjoy your pod cast, and I am looking forward to your next book coming out.

I am happier than I have been in a long time. I owe a lot to you, and I certainly expect many more wonderful changes to take place.”