i heart my gramma

love notes
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on monday i received word that my beloved 99-year-old gramma was being transitioned to hospice care. although we’ve seen the decline over the past years, i am still in a state of shock. my gramma has always been my favorite person in the whole wide world. she’s basically a rock star. nope, not biased.

i spent a lot of time with her in my early years and recall a talk she had with me, “now you know once you start kindergarten, you can’t come here as much.” i was devastated! school was getting in the way of my gramma time. yes, i was five.

since then we’ve had many good times together with sweet mum in tow – state fairs, museums, yoga, card playing, naps, garden club, shopping, dining out (where anything she doesn’t love is called “interesting”), wineries, beach trips, and more. as i hold tight to see when to head to texas to hold her, i wanted to share this collage of memories.

if you have any experience with a loved one in hospice and words of wisdom, i’m all ears. bisous. x