la la land bound

love notes
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i’ve had my last sip of water and am already craving more. just because i can’t. you know how it is.

yep, have to stop eating and drinking midnight before a surgery. alas, tOMorrow i am having CMC arthroplasty plus an extension sOMething “dectomy” (no idea what that is) on my thumb. and . . . it cOMes cOMplete with a cast for six. whole. weeks.

took my beloved bonnard to the vet again tonight as he keeps losing weight. i miss his cute obese self. after x-rays and blood work, she found a mass so now he’s seeing an internist on friday. send good kitty thoughts. he’s my “first born.” almost 12 years old, noir, fierce, and j’adore him!

as i transition into la la land for a few days, i wanted to wish all a few beautiful, sparkly, restful days until i return to tranquility du jour.

big juicy merci beaucoup for all your feedback via email and this blog regarding my latest podcast. so appreciate all you’re sharing!

thank *YOU* for being you. i’m honored to be connected. bisous.