like mother, like cat

love notes
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poor bonnard (pictured here and named after the fabulous artist pierre bonnard) has been sick all week. can’t keep anything down. he has a passion for eating rubber bands, always has. usually he indulges in it, gets sick, and is back to normal. this rubber band is different. poor booger hasn’t recovered. he’s in good spirits but clearly misses his full belly (and you can see in the photo that his belly is quite full – vet said he’s like a 400lb person – so we’ve been limiting his obsessive eating).

today i woke up with a queasy belly and had to cancel a few meetings for the day to rest up. you know that “ughie” feeling but you can’t really explain what it is? in addition, i’ve had this weird “gurgly throat” thing for a few months, tried a couple rounds of test meds and nothing is making it go away. it’s nothing painful, just odd. when the vet mentioned yesterday that bonnard may need a barium swallow, i exclaimed, “my doctor says i may need one of those, too!” um, i don’t think she was as excited as i was to need the same procedure as my cat.

anyway, i laughed when i realized that bonnard and i had similar issues. you know how people claim that dogs start to look like their owners, apparently we can also have similar gastrointestinal issues, too!

tomorrow is my birthday (34 youthful years) and i have a massage scheduled, may drag poor beau to a bead show, and then a lovely, chill dinner. tonight i’m giving a graduation key note speech at george washington university that i hope to record and share with you all. until then, signing off and curling up under the covers for a few hours. sadly, was supposed to go dancing with some pals tonight but i don’t think my current state will allow for it.

best wishes for a beautiful weekend!