my 400lb kitty

love notes
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friday ended with a visit to the vet for my two kitties, bonnard and matisse. sure i know that bonnard (my first feline love) is a bit “fluffy,” yet the vet basically demanded we put him on a diet immediately. he’s gained 4 lbs in one year (shocking considering his only diet change is a daily dose of skim milk). he is already quite nervous about the lack of food bowl availability. the vet said that his 19.2lb body equates to a 400lb person. yikes! we’re limiting his intake by not keeping an unending bowl around. i worry how this diet is going to play out. he’s nervously circling his bowl, following us around the condo (he usually has nothing to do with us), and has a look of dread on his poor little kitty face. send good kitty weight loss thoughts. . .