OMG, I Met Hamilton

love notes
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Yesterday, after dropping Mookie at daycare, I wrangled the little ones en route to a pug takeover event in Baltimore. First stop, picked up my longtime friend, Heather, and off we went.

On the water, Sandlot offered the perfect setting for dozens (maybe hundreds?) of pugs and their guardians. Sand, cabanas, beach chairs, picnic tables, cornhole boards, and a vintage Airstream kitchen all contributed to the experience.

Exhausted from the walk to the venue, Belle Starr and Gizmo snoozed most of our time at the event (as they are doing right now as I write).

As we were leaving, a man with a black pug in a stroller asked if I wanted to make a donation to a senior dog rescue in California. Of course! We began chatting and he mentioned his dog’s name was Hamilton and a light bulb went off, could that be THE Hamilton in the shelter pet ads?!

Surely not, but he sure looks like him, I thought. Then this guardian said something else that indicated he WAS the Hamilton. I almost lost it and, of course, had to get a photo. As you see, Belle seems less than impressed.

Here’s a sweet video about Hamilton. You’ve probably seen him on highway billboards and in magazines. Over the past few years, I’ve been given a handful of the ads because people will pass them along for my art journaling and say, “Oh, this made me think of you!” And yesterday I met him!

You can follow him on Instagram. Ah, celebrity pugs. Who knew?! Bisous. x