peek inside my ideas book

love notes
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in addition to my journal and planner pad, i like to carry an ideas book to capture inspiration on-the-go. i’ve recently added layers to it – similar to a visual journal – and now paste ideas inside rather than simply writing them. here’s a sneak peek inside.

the addition of a juicy couture ad over my flocked damask cover has been eye candy for my soul. j’adore the pink hair! inside my ideas book you’ll find:

  • biz cards of fabulous places/people
  • blog post ideas
  • books i find on shelves that i *must* have
  • authors or websites i come across that i must research further
  • decor tips from swanky cafes, boutiques, and yoga studios
  • inspiration gathered from a meeting or book that i want to capture
  • random to-do ideas that come during a workshop (not related to topic)
  • notes from workshops, classes, or conferences

i store my ideas book upon completion and go through them from time to time. most last a year or so before they are full and in need of replacement. it’s fun to explore how many of the ideas, authors, books, and inspirations are implemented.

do you carry an ideas book? if so, what does it contain? if not, pick up a tiny moleskine this week and watch what unfolds. fill it with recipes, advice, favorite quotes, tips from magazines, dreams, drawings, and more!