pops + sunflowers = different beat

love notes
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look at my proud papa among his oklahoma sunflowers. most of his surrounding neighbors in the countryside are raising cattle. instead pops likes to let his grass grow wild and wouldn’t want to see it consumed by cattle. he turned to growing sunflowers out of frustration over the cost of birdseed. apparently feeding his beloved birds was making a dent in his pocketbook and the most expensive part of it was the sunflower seeds. so, being a wise fellow, he decided to grow his own sunflowers to save on birdseed costs and look how proud he is!

one thing i’ve always admired about my pops is that he marches to a different drummer. always has. always will. ironically, christmas 2003 when i was home restating my decision to not get married or make babies (isn’t that a typical topic in most families over the holidays?), pops asked, “why are you so different?” i had to laugh. pot calling the kettle noir.

marching to the beat of your own drummer, letting go of societal or family pressure, and wearing your eccentricities on your sleeve can reap amazing rewards: authenticity, happiness, and connection to your core.

are you marching to your authentic beat? if not, what small changes can you make to reconnect with your inner beat? even if it means being a sunflower grower among cattle-raisers.