radio interview + new look

love notes
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bonjour! as i begin writing my next book i decided to move the blog/podcast to my personal website. this ensures that we stay connected even as i focus on a new title, new material, and new look. i hope you’re still finding everything you need despite the move. the forum will be moving here, too!

i wanted to share an interview with the lovely ananda that i did on the bus coming back from new york sunday. it includes some other lovely ladies and we chatting about living and being green. hope you enjoy!

last night’s teleclass was a lot of fun. thank you for joining me to discuss this exciting mindful and creative transition to fall. if you have an image of your 8 petals that you’d like to share, please pass it along for me to post. this morning i was delighted to don a new beret with a flower and my tall vegan boots today as the weather is slowing shifting here in dc. yay for fall!