sans pink cast

love notes
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tonight after school beau and i headed to crave dc’s book launch fete where tranquil space has a featured layout. woo-hoo. above are photos of moi holding a beautiful cupcake pre-consumption and hugging a recent teacher training level 1 graduate who’s up to great things including a yoga retreat for women of color in dc.

the bottom 2 photos show the pink cast the day i got it and my hand immediately after the cast was sawed (yes, sawed!) off on monday. wowza, looks skeletal and that metal pin was slowly pulled out while i looked away. yikes! i begged for valium, but they promised me it wasn’t that bad. while the skeletal look is gone, my hand is still a bit of a mess. my “workout” includes trying to crumple or fold paper with my left hand and touching my thumb and ring finger together. i think back on my rockin’ yoga practice a year ago and have to laugh that this is now my practice. . .

tomorrow will be tranquility du jour’s 200th podcast episode. look for it later in the evening coming to an iPod/computer near you. merci beaucoup for listening and sharing life with me for 6 years (blog)/5 years (podcast)! *what* a journey. so much is yet to unfold.