seeking YOUR input

love notes
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dearest you,

as i continue to make friends with 2013 and settle back into my counseling routine at internship, i wanted to send a quick love note to my readers. oui, you!

as you may know, i’m working to consciously shift the weekly columns on this blog to provide more meaning, insights, and tranquility. one slight shift is turning the online book club into a seasonal selection versus monthly. more slight shifts to follow. the reason i’m writing is to get YOUR input. i’ve received a few very thoughtful emails so far and i’m beyond grateful. however, i’d love to receive a few more.  

s’il vous plaît share what would best serve YOU and help bring a dose of sparkle to your 2013. i feel some exciting things bubbling up and want my dear readers to be a part of the process.

wishing you moments of tea sipping, journal writing, and deep living. bisous. x