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this morning i went in to share an update on my tranquilista facebook page and decided that i needed a page specifically for tranquility du jour so that my blog, podcast, and both books could get a little love along with an easy place to share updates on facebook. so . . . i’m excited to share our brand new facebook page which will also host new blog posts, vidcasts, podcasts and regular doses of inspiration.
not to worry, it will all still be right here, too, so you don’t have to do anything different to access tranquility du jour. if you’re so inclined, please click on this link and be one of the first to join the tranquility du jour like page. love fresh starts and the promise of sprinkling seeds of inspiration in additional ways. 
wishing you a beautiful launch into saturday! off to get a massage and prep for hosting our talented teachers out at le beau’s cabin this weekend. we picked up 3 carts full of flowers and food yesterday in prep for their arrival. we’ll be reading in hammocks, doing yoga, noshing, mingling off the mat, and indulging in a dose of professional development. can’t wait to see everyone and really can’t wait for a massage. ommmmm.
bisous. x