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HTC: April 2, 2006 Shownotes

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Welcome to the 25h edition of the hip tranquil chick podcast: a guide to life on and off the yoga mat. Recorded while on a yoga retreat in the gorgeous island of Tobago. (photo by the fabulous tobago retreater Amy Mullarkey)

Today’s podcast is a discussion of how this retreat and yoga has affected our participants’ lives, topped of with a pose of the podcast, retreat resources, hip tranquil chick chat, and great tunes! View our shownotes at hiptranquilchick.com/blog.

My top 5 retreat tips:

1. Schedule down time—one sacred hour to browse a bookstore, an afternoon off to walk through the phillips collection and sip tea in their cafe, a weekend away holed up in a cabin within the shenandoah region, a solo sojourn to a new country, a month-long bike ride through france.
2. Let loved ones and colleagues know an emergency number, that you’ll be out of touch, and set up an e-mail auto-reply so that any expected (or unexpected) peeps trying to get in touch are made aware of your inaccessibility.
3. Leave ability to connect to outside world to a minimum.
4. Take your journal, a pen, creative tools such as sketchbook and colored pencils, comfy clothes, loads of water, reading material, healthy snacks, your yoga mat, and a beginner’s mind.
5. Let go of expectations and embrace the experience.

Musings from Tobago Retreaters with podsafe music from Angi B and the Lovespirals

Pose of the Podcast: Janu Sirsasana

Hip Tranquil Chick Suggestions:

Paradise Point Villa

girl seeks bliss
girl seeks bliss: zen and the art of modern life maintenance
Chapter 8 on Zen Escapes

Hip Tranquil Chick Chat:
“I’ve been meaning to e-mail you for ages and am finally getting around to it! I’m a fan from Boston, MA who listens to your podcasts and reads your blog every day. I originally found Tranquil Space through a web search on yoga…and loved the site so much I bookmarked it…and then the blog…and then the podcasts!

Please know that your messages of self-love, nurturing, yoga, and hipness are so inspiring, and I know I’m not the only one writing in to tell you that. I used to be a serious practitioner of yoga, but life kind of got in the way and I stopped practicing (and exercising, for that matter). Now I’m trying to get myself back into shape, and I find your blogs and podcasts helpful in reminding myself to nurture my body, not fight against it.”

Let me help you grow. How can I help support you and your hip tranquil chick path? I hope to add workshops, teleclasses, retreats, online forums, and more so please let me know if you have ideas!

Share your thoughts, needs, and suggestions from your hip tranquil chick path with me at Kimberly@tranquilspace.com or in the comments section of hiptranquilchick.com/blog. Visit hiptranquilchick.com for online sources of inspiration. Sign up for the tranquiliT times at hiptranquilchick.com and view the latest spring issue in the archives.

Share your locale with fellow hip tranquil chicks—we’ve added Frapper to the blog.

Want to explore your creativity? I’m offering a hip tranquil chick creativity circle every other Saturday in June-July–details at tranquilspace.com.

To close out the show, we’re playing podsafe music—by new and independent artists who are sharing their music through podcasting from the podsafe music network. Today’s selection is Under the Calm Influence by Mercury Sol. You can learn more this week’s featured artist, including how to get more of their music at mercurysol.net.

Thanks for joining me for the 25th edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast. Happy retreating and namaste!

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