our 50th podcast *special* edition

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as i prepare to head off for 12 whole days (longest time away since my 30th birthday 3 years ago), i am busily wrapping up all the details including a final, final review of my manuscript before it goes to print. in addition, i finalized two new exciting podcasts to be released over the next two fridays on ayurveda and dancing. considering we are only a few weeks away from our golden 50th anniversary, i’m writing to request your story. please e-mail me at kimberly@hiptranquilchick.com with your answers to the following:

* has this blog or podcast affected your life in a positive way?
* what changes have you made since listening/reading hip tranquil chick?
* where do you see yourself growing as a hip tranquil chick?

if your story is chosen, it will be featured in our *50th* anniversary edition to air on sunday, september 24. i hope you enjoy our delightful guest blogger, and i’ll be back online in 5 days.

besos, kimberly