tranquility du jour #141: a restorative way to celebrate the holidays

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Bonjour! Welcome to the 141st edition of tranquility du jour: a guide to bringing tranquility to your every day.

Today’s podcast (originally podcast as hip tranquil chick #9 all the way back in 2005) consists of a restorative way to celebrate the holidays, and more fabulous podsafe musicSymmetrical Angels Part 2 by 2-RD. (Note Louis the Pug snoring throughout the entire podcast!) View our shownotes at

Restorative poses to help keep you fresh throughout the holidays

This sequence is perfect for rejuvenating over the holidays and can be done in a few minutes or, if you can carve out the space, savor this sequence for at least 30 minutes!

Extra doses of tranquility include a silk lavender-filled eyepillow, a scented candle burning nearby, the phone turned off, rosebud salve on your lips, a lush pillow or blanket nearby, and a yummy essential oil rubbed onto your temples. Have a blanket or bolster nearby for #4-6.

1. Begin on your back and extend your legs up the wall. For a shoulder opener, bring the arms up over your head and reach for opposite elbows. Notice your breath and feel the body soften.

2. For a variation, open your legs to a wide V.

3. For another variation, bend your knees and place the soles of the feet together. Stay here as long as feels good.

4. Take a blanket or bolster and roll it tightly lengthwise. Place the blanket vertically behind your tailbone, and lie back over the blanket. Let your arms splay out to the sides or up over your head.

5. Place the blanket horizonally under the shoulderblades (at your bra line) and roll back over the blanket. This one is a huge heart opener and so powerful.

6. Come to child’s pose but gring your big toes together and open your knees wide. Place the blanket in between the knees and rest over the blanket(s), turn your head to either side.

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