Tranquility du Jour #330: Inspiring True Stories of Healing

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Welcome to the 330th edition of Tranquility du Jour. Today’s show features Bernie Siegel on inspiring true stories of healing, gratitude, and love. You’ll learn about turning crisis into blessing by responding to adversity in ways that empower and heal.

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Bernie-SiegelFeatured Guest: Dr. Bernie Siegel first wrote about miracles when he was a practicing surgeon and pioneered Exceptional Cancer Patients, a groundbreaking synthesis of group, individual, dream, and art therapy.  His safe and loving approach facilitated patients’ awareness of their own physical, spiritual, and psychological healing potential.

Compiled during his more than thirty years of practice as well as his speaking and teaching events, the new paperback edition of A Book of Miracles (New World Library, October 15, 2014) offers a cross-section of the healing and miracles Bernie has seen and facilitated. The book is divided into fifteen sections, each consisting of stories of miracles, pertinent quotes, anecdotes and Bernie’s personal reflections.

Stories include how a pregnancy and the subsequent baby helped a woman heal from a debilitating condition; a woman inspired by dolphins to try once more to have a child; the bats that saved a family from a burning house; a girl whose baby brother helped her overcome anorexia; a long-time friend who always forgot birthdays who finds the courage to go on with her life; how cancer taught a woman to stand up for herself and how she healed; what a seven-year-old girl named Becca taught her family about rainbows, hope, and letting go.

Without diminishing the reality of pain and hardship, the stories show real people turning crisis into blessing by responding to adversity in ways that empower and heal.

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