Tranquility du Jour #348: Mindful Self-Care

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Bonjour. Welcome to the 348th edition of Tranquility du Jour: Mindful Self-Care with Sheila Pai. Learn her definition of a living family and mindful self-care, how mindful communication has enhanced her life, and about the Nurturing You online retreat .

Tranquility du Jour #348: Mindful Self-Care


sheilaFeatured Guest: Sheila Pai is the author of Nurturing You: A Woman’s Mindful Self-Care Guide for More Peace, Ease and Joy as well as the founder of A Living Family coaching and community. Sheila is a relationship, parenting, and life coach specializing in Mindful Communication and Mindful Self-Care. Sheila has worked with women, men, couples and teens in workshops, retreats and 1-on-1 coaching as well as Birth Story Listening and Birth Art Process. The real focus and thread through all of her work is helping people cultivate a thriving life by nurturing connection, presence and peace. She believes whole-heartedly that you matter and that small simple efforts make a difference. Sheila lives with her two children and husband outside Philadelphia. Learn more about Sheila, Mindful Communication and Mindful Self-Care at

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