Tranquility du Jour #402: A Paris Year + Giveaway

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A Paris Year with Janice MacLeod. In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, Janice shares the inspiration behind her new beautiful book, how life has changed since writing Paris Letters, her favorite spots in Paris, and kindly assists me in pronunciation {lots!}. Giveaway: leave a takeaway from this podcast in the comment section below by Friday, August 11 to enter to win a copy of Janice’s new book!

Tranquility du Jour #402: A Paris Year


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Featured Guest: Janice MacLeod-Lik

I am the artist behind Paris Letters, a painted letter series sent out via snail mail to those who crave getting fun snail mail from the land of fromage, rosé  and lippy waiters.

After a childhood in Canada that was just dysfunctional enough to make me funny, I became an advertising copywriter and eventually an associate creative director. Most of my time was spent in top agencies throughout the USA and Canada, because I’m kinda into fame. And modesty. I’m humble, too. And perfect.

Paris Letters
After 110 years of writing junk mail in advertising, I devised an exit strategy to finance my own sabbatical. My Shawshank Redemption, if you will. When I met my financial goal, I skipped town and traveled with nothing more than my suitcase and a small set of watercolors. Along the way, I painted letters about my travels and mailed them to friends. Enamored with this unique medium, I opened an online shop. Each month I create one painted letter, copy it, personalize it and mail it to hundreds of subscribers who are hungry for fun mail.

While in Paris, I met the lovely Christophe, who built me a closet so I would finally unpack my suitcase. I’ve been an embarrassment to the French language ever since. We got hitched and hit the road. Now we’re hanging our hats in the Rocky Mountains.

I wrote the New York Times best selling book Paris Letters (Sourcebooks, 2014), which is really a long-form version of this About page. But with more pictures.

If Paris Letters is about BECOMING an artist in Paris, A Paris Year is about BEING an artist in Paris.

Part memoir and part visual journey through the streets of modern-day Paris, France, A Paris Yearchronicles, day by day, my daily discoveries in the world’s most beautiful city. This is more than a diary or travel journal: it’s a detailed and colorful love letter to one of the most romantic and historically rich cities on earth.

Before all this crazy Paris-themed goodness, I co-wrote two books: The Breakup Repair Kit (Conari Press, 2003) and The Dating Repair Kit (Conari Press, 2006).

I have had airtime on TV shows such as Tyra Banks Show and Movie & A Makeover. I’ve also been featured in magazines such as Elle, National Geographic, Canadian Living, Canadian Family, Cosmopolitan, Chatelaine, Glamour, Flare, Psychologies, Huffington Post, The New York Times… whew… long list, Psychologies, Renegade Collective, Business Insider, and and and… the list continues.

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