Trusting Your Intuition

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It’s always fun to have the tables turned and be interviewed for someone else’s podcast. I recently sat down with Dr. Alyssa Adams for her new podcast The Uncommon Couch and loved the conversation.

We talked about some of the internal processes I go through when deciding to go after what I want. I shared some personal practices for getting creative juices flowing and the importance of going on an Artist Date.

If you’ve been wondering what to do about a gut feeling you’ve been having you’ll definitely want to tune in.

We discuss:
  • What I do as a psychotherapist, podcaster, writer and wellness entrepreneur

  • How each aspect of my businesses evolved into what they are today

  • The internal process I go through when going after my dreams

  • How to trust your intuitive nudges

  • Practices I have to keep creative juices flowing

  • Advice on why you need to take an Artist Date with yourself

  • What I’m most passionate about and tips for finding what you enjoy

  • My vision for the next chapter in business

Have a listen here and please let me know what you think! Bisous. x