And the Giveaway Winner is . . .

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Yesterday started with a virtual ballet class followed by the TDJ 8-piece capsule shoot and celebratory vegan strawberry shortcake.

Thanks to all your generous ideas in the capsule challenge, we were able to shoot additional looks highlighting our eight essentials (shown below).

I received nearly 25 submissions and am excited to announce that Wendy M. is the giveaway winner. Congrats, Wendy!

Here are a few of her creative ideas for the savasana throw:

    1. Skirt sarong around waist for the summer
    2. Wrap and tie it higher under armpits for mini bathing suit coverup
    3. Doubles as a scarf
    4. Sleeveless version of LS wrap tunic where you wrap around shoulders but throw one side over the opposite shoulder for more pulled together, asymmetrical look.
    5. I would have this on a plane for all the reasons, including folded as a pillow if I have a window seat!

Below is a sneak peek at a new fall sample, the maxi wrap dress. Isn’t it glamorous and oh-so-cozy?!

Watch for the full 8-piece capsule showcasing numerous looks and our new designs coming this summer to the collection.

Thanks for your support of artisanal eco-friendly clothing. Bisous. x

PS Did you know we’re now using Sendle—the first 100% carbon neutral shipping service in the US and that our shipping package is now 100% biodegradeable and compostable (made from corn starch)? Pull off your label, toss it in your compost, and it will biodegrade in 90 days!