bark ball bound

love notes
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whew, what a week! this has been my first week to catch a breath in months. it felt great to have a little downtime that included some dog parking with little louis, a 2-hour practice with tranquil space’s fabulous teachers, reading, connecting with the new tranquil space foundation board (including a west coaster), and meetings in the beautiful dc sunshine!

tomorrow begins bright and early at 6am to show the tranquiliT line and share tranquil space at A Day for Every Busy Woman in virginia. then beau, pup, and i are off to the dc humane society’s annual fundraiser Bark Ball! a formal event for humans and pups alike–all for a good cause! will be sure to share photos.

i hope each of you have had a delightful week, that you’re soaking up some of the gorgeous rays, and are also able to take a breath in this jumpstart to summertime.