birthday week in review

love notes
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moi now (eating cupcakes) and then (donning pops’ combat boots + hat)

happiest of holiday weekends to each of you!

beau headed to the cabin last night while i headed to school and late night meetings. today has been all about catch up and still more to go. staying in town one extra day has allowed me to do some regrouping, fold laundry, prep for my trip to kripalu on monday, and relish in some deep breaths. despite my best intentions to get completely caught up today, i’m slowing it down, acknowledging i’ll never be fully caught up (there is always one more thing to handle, right?), and am doing my best to savor the check off of the to-do list.

while battling crazy allergies last night (boo!) i began reading hand wash cold: care instructions for an ordinary life by karen maezen miller. excited to read it over the weekend and watch for an upcoming interview with her later this summer. great messaging on finding bliss in your daily routine. it’s a beautiful reminder that “where ever you go, there you are.”

week in review:
– i returned to the yoga mat and it felt amazing
– more physical therapy
– wrote paper for social policy II
– met with 3 of our 4 new darling tranquil space teachers
– manager meeting over scones and cupcakes
– savored 1.5 hours of journal writing at powell’s cafe
– turned 37
– shopped vintage stores in portland
– snail mail thank yous to west coast hosts
– tv, radio, and book event in portland on monday
– wrote muse for tranquil space newsletter
– red eye to dc on tuesday = not-so-tranquil
– bought it’s not about the coffee and creative wildfire
– outdoor concert at strathmore
– week 2 of tranquilista e-course: fun group!
– gifted awesome bag by beau (merci, merci!)

heading out to catch a train to meet up with beau shortly. one play day, one work day, then train to kripalu for the week. excited to indulge in some hammock time curled up with one of my new books this weekend. fireworks? well, we do have some sparklers and i intend to savor every last sparkle.

wishing you a beautiful, tranquil, lovely weekend. may the second half of 2010 shine brightly for you.