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this weekend i pulled together ten pantone colors for TranquiliT’s spring collection. i’m LOVING neutrals: beige, tan, noir (of course), shimmery beige pinks. while browsing a store this weekend i came across my beloved palette in these fun robes (note the shimmering pink in the background) so i had to snap it. do you like? feels calm, versatile, and fabulous for layering spring OR fall!

to contrast the neutrals, i wanted to share the fruit of my night o’ beading at beau’s cabin over the weekend. quartz, turquoise, corals, and smoky topaz. i love the vibrant energy of these necklaces. wouldn’t they pop beautifully on a monochromatic outfit?

a few of my favorite color tips:

1. add a splash of color with a scarf, knee high sparkly socks, a chunky necklace, a handbag, or a headscarf. it’s no secret that i adore a monochromatic noir palette but these accessories help me look less, well, noir.
2. don red lipstick. revlon 650 – mulled wine – is my fave shade.
3. practice on an eco-friendly hot pink yoga mat.
4. decorate your planner in an inspiring print or color. mine is damask with a pink tape border. i use color throughout the planner – including highlighting must-dos – to keep the to-dos less mundane.
5. add color to your hair. you may not be up for hot pink streaks but what about fun highlights or lowlights to brighten your doe eyes?
6. mani + pedi. although i’ve been addicted to lincoln park after dark for over a year, this is a playful way to express your individual style. french, red, dark purple, au naturel.
7. big bold ring. j’adore my big plastic noir rose i picked up on the streets of ny for $10. try a sparkly dinner ring, turquoise stone, or beaded ensemble.
8. mobile. i chose my current phone because it’s pink. seems perfectly rational, no?