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Q: I wanted to write a doctor of mine a thank you note, but I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate, odd, or silly.

It was my first visit and she was TOTALLY amazing and sympathetic to my situation; the situation being I am 23 years old, self employed, and uninsured. I have had run ins with doctors and staff members that lower their standard of care (read, act like jerks) when they hear that I am going to have to eat ramen for a month to be there so please be gentle and don’t do anything to me that isn’t completely necessary. Fortunately, this was not the case today!

Alright, now that you know why the visit and experience meant so much to me, is it ok to send the thank you note??

A: Oh dearest self-employed one. I understand the dilemma of living on ramen to do your passion AND get health care! My answer is simple: ABSOLUTELY! I can not emphasize the importance of thank yous–verbal, e-mailed, handwritten, blogged, etc. That special doctor was just doing her job. However, she did it in a way that was filled with compassion and spoke to you. Receiving recognition for that means a lot to most people as humans crave and deserve regular kudos and pats on the back. Please carve out the space to acknowledge this woman’s contribution to your overall tranquility and be sure to share the love by recommending her compassion-filled services to your fellow self-employed ramen-eating friends!

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