endorsement of tranquilista a la sharon gannon

love notes
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“The irresistible, hip tranquil and oh so chic, Kimberly Wilson is the ultimate tranquilista—a wonder woman for who the talent of multitasking has been elevated to new heights and dimensions. Like a gorgeous Indian goddess, she must –have eight arms– cause she does it all with incredible grace, elegance, compassion, wisdom, cleverness and dazzling style–all along the way never forgetting the essential lip gloss!

With her fabulous new book, Tranquilista, she generously shares all of her success secrets in a very practical: yes-you-can-and-I-will-show-you-how-way. I adore Kimberly—she is a true liberated woman who never compromises her femininity or her kindness for animals and all living beings. I place her in the “great muse category” along with Audrey and Coco.”

Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga

this jawdropping endorsement recently came to my publisher from one of my dearest teachers, sharon gannon. i was soooooo honored and humbled by her generous words. my dream is to have tranquilista live up to the glowing reveiew and for me to live up to her kind association with dreamy audrey and coco! xo