fall fashion fun

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Pull out the sweaters and put away the flip-flops. It’s time to venture into the joys of fall fashion, hot apple cider, and pumpkin carving. I’ve put together a list of must-haves to help you create a savvy (and swanky) signature style this season:

Skinny jeans.
Pencil skirt.
Peep toe flats, wedges, platforms, and the perfect black boot.
A dash of leopard and/or cheetah.
Capes – the big, floaty top layer has a certain amount of chicness, and a little capelet looks so cute.
Tights and leggings – wear them under mini dresses, or shirt dresses and with open toe wedges and platform shoes.
Belts – use them to glam up dresses, button downs and big sweaters. Wear them higher up on your body, and not low slung.
LBD – the little black dress!
Long strand of pearls or jet black beads.
Don a smile and glowing attitude.
Use long skinny scarves for belts, not-so-fabulous hair days, or to wrap around your neck.
Wear silver hoops, chandelier, or faux diamond earrings.
Twirl your hair and pin it with bobby pins or mini clips.
Indulge in merlot lipstick, black eyeliner, and waterproof black mascara – think 1920s glam.
Wear pucci-inspired goulashes to brighten up rainy days.
Shop a vintage, thrift, or resale store for a uniquely fabulous find.