gem candy

love notes
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today began with some exciting chair yoga at my local volunteer gig and it is always such a treat to spend time with these inspiring seniors. then off to a catch-up lunch with a former colleague and off to meetings. my creative excursion was visiting the home of a fellow tranquil spacer who understands and encourages my passion for gemstones – the designer of gem kitty. since her parents wholesale gems, she had a box full of my favorite chunky stones. i went crazy – like a kid (or a kimberly) in a candy store. rose quartz, clear quartz, moonstones, and more! she also let me borrow this fabu book – get your sparkle on. what a genius title (wonder why i love it so – get your yoga on) and she has a fun website – after teaching 3 hours of teacher training, i hauled my new gems home and they’re waiting for me in my “studio” (on my kitchen table). i can’t wait to start stringing. i even subscribed to bead style and it all began because of my podcast interview with amy. funny how hearing someone else so excited about a topic generates excitement!

tomorrow consists of a TranquiliT trunk show at tranquil space bethesda, teaching at 1:30, and a tranquil space foundation pilot at joe’s movement emporium. woo-hoo! beau’s away – partaking in boys’ weekend at a cabin – so i’m loving the solitude with my 4-legged friends and the quiet sounds of the city outside.

we’re heading back to a cabin in luray, virginia with another couple (and louis!) next monday through friday and i’m so looking forward to some down time. i have some calls scheduled, the spring ’08 line to design, tons of books to read, and a lot of napping to do.

best wishes for a joy- and gem-filled weekend!