green fest fun

love notes
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this weekend TranquiliT was a featured green business at dc’s green festival. i was blessed to have the lovely jlo and eden as my TranquiliT divas helping wrap and rewrap ladies in the many ways to wear the various pieces. there were oodles of “oohs” and “aahs” as women would don a wrap one way and then another – especially the hoodie, cardishawl, and all-in-one. we even had ladies come by and show us new ways that they’d come up with since buying last year at green fest!

one frequent buyer showed up in the reverse outfit of jlo – donning her kimono wrap and shawl as a skirt over palazzo pants. loved this photo!

delightful time despite aching feet and back tonight. merci to all who stopped by our booth this weekend. it was a total treat to meet you. xo