happy hump day: 2 fun events

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join us THIS saturday from 6:30-9 for our 4th annual holiday show featuring phenomenal women who have created all sorts of yummy goodies:

Catalyst Tea, Kaushita Patel, www.catalysttea.com
itsys bitsy and bold, susan, www.itsybitsyandbold.com
what fun, also susan, www.what-fun.com
Warm Spirit, Aleysha Proctor, www.warmspirit.org/aleysha
Kiwi Exquisite, Kathleen Newton
Manatea Party, Chandi Kelley, www.manateaparty.etsy.com
Treasures of Essence, Gwen Brown
Kim O’Donnel, www.kimodonnel.com
Swank Creations, Rachel Ahrens, www.swankcreactions.com
Barefoot Czarina, Maria Fyodorova, www.barefootczarina.com
Irene’s Jewelry, Irene Antunucci, tu-anh.com, www.tu-anh.com
Steel Heart Designs, Sarah Aitken
Sorcha Designs, Sarah Clark, www.sorcha.com
LeMair Handcrafts, Lisa LeMair, www.lemairhandrafts.com
The Beehive Press, holly Bimba, www.thebeehivepress.com
Yinibini, Soyini George, www.yinibini.com
L~Shandi Designs, Lara Akinsanya, www.LShandi.com
Diva Style, Lori Carroll

all the scoop is here!

also, you’re the first to hear this – save the date for our TranquiliT haute holidays super sale on monday, december 10 5-8pm. shop sustainable style for yourself and others at 25-75% off featuring stocking stuffers such as headbands, scarves, camis, and armwarmers; discontinued best-sellers such as wrap tops and cardi shawls; and versatile dresses such as the all-in-one, daily candy-featured tube, and wrap dress. this exclusive event is by invite only to our mailing list shoppers (and my fabulous blog readers).

to RSVP, please respond to events@TranquiliT.com and we’ll pass along the intimate washington, dc location in dupont circle. if you live elsewhere and can’t make our fete, we’ll be sure to pass along a coupon code for that day so you can shop with us in spirit!

cheers and happy holidays. yay for socially conscious shopping!