Hello TranquiliT Spring

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Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.—Anna Wintour

Since 2004, each spring and fall I release a few new designs and colors in the TranquiliT collection—a locally-sewn clothing line made to order using luxurious organic eco-friendly fabrics.

The process from conception to launch takes a few months. It begins with reviewing what’s trending that season, what clients are asking for (hello, duster), and what I’m wanting added to my closet (hello, ballet wrap).

Next I work with my local seamstress to create samples based on current patterns (ex. the new tulip top is the 2in1 fitted top with tulip sleeves) and my fabric supplier to choose new colors to complement the current palette.

After a bit of back and forth with my seamstress—”taper this,” “shorten that,” “more flare here”—we’re ready for the photo shoot.

For three hours we turn the Pink Palace into a photography studio (see behind the scenes pics here) and, voilà, the collection is ready!

This season’s collection is now available at TranquiliT.com featuring five new designs {tulip top, ballet wrap, compassion tee, duster, jumpsuit} and two new colors {emerald and eclipse}.

THIS Sunday at noon ET I’ll be hosting a brief show and tell of the spring collection on Facebook Live and you’re invited! Learn what’s trending this season {hello, lilac}, see our new pieces, and favorite ways to wear your TranquiliT staples.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with bird chirps, pink blooms, and yellow daffodils. Bisous. x