how to “be” sick

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down for the count with some yucky bug. started yesterday with what i thought was low energy. intensified to full on “bugginess.” since i’m not a very good sick person (who is?), i wanted to pull together some tips (while i’m lounging in bed) to assist you when caught with an uninvited bug.

1. soak in the tub. fresh out of my 3rd soak in less than 24 hours. helps relieve the achiness.
2. sip oodles of tea. downing throat coat tea like it’s going out of style. even double bagging it.
3. infuse your water with emergenC. it makes your water taste like tang (yum!) and is full of loads of vitamin c.
4. release guilt. yes, deadlines are looming. yes, there are many other things you “should” be doing. yes, lying around doesn’t feel terribly productive. but your body needs this to heal!
5. curl up with your beloved furry friend. louis is keeping me great company and it can be nice bonding time.
6. keep technology nearby. ONLY if you *must* be accessible, have your laptop, planner, and cell phone within reach to handle any emergencies or promises you made pre-bug.
7. stay grateful. it can be easy to take energy and health for granted.
8. let go. bugs find their way to you. fighting it saps energy. release into it, savor the down time, and let go of trying to control.
9. read. keep a good book nearby to pick up, savor a few words, and surrender when energy lessens.

i hope these few tips help you stay sane while waiting for the unwelcomed bug to move along! feel free to add some to the mix as i’m sure all of you have helpful hints. here’s to your health!