Introducing TranquiliT’s Capsule Wardrobe

Seeking more tranquility in your daily dress-up? TranquiliT’s 10 staples are the backbone of a versatile wardrobe. Made locally from eco-friendly fabrics, these pieces are perfect for expressing your signature style in a comfy, chic manner—from the boardroom to the beach to a black tie affair.

This video introduces the 10-piece capsule wardrobe and our next one will showcase different looks from these staples. Watch for packing and combination idea PDFs forthcoming, too. Mix and match for optimal versatiliT and creativiT. Bisous. x


  1. Melanie says:

    I love this video Kimberly – and I’d love to see you in your own versions of this, and how you style them. Since I started working from home, I’ve been living in my skirt pants, long-sleeved 2-1 and 2-1 tank in heather grey – love them. As comfy as pajamas but way more stylish!

    • Kimberly Wilson says:

      Absolutely, that’s next and will hopefully be released this week. I’ll be doing more to show how to accessorize for dressing up or down. Delighted to hear you’re enjoying your compilations—comfy AND chic! x

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