manifesto from HTC down under

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i just had to pass along this fabulous manifesto from an self-defined “HTC tomboy who resides in australia:

Here are my Hip Tranquil Tomboy Principles:

I love myself as I am. (Why? I accept I am only 5’1 and small boobed)
I have muscles and I love them, too. (Why? They have stopped me getting cellulite and needing surgery)
I am in control of my finances. I have enough to meet my needs.
I am educated but my learning never ceases and comes from every experience in my life.
I am strong and confident but not overbearing. There is power in silence, too.
I rarely watch TV. It’s amazing how much free time I have gained from giving up TV!
I refuse to be a self-centred drama queen.
I don’t buy women’s magazines. They are toxic. (And you can read them for free at the supermarket checkout!)
Impulse buying doesn’t bring happiness. It just clutters your life.
If I get a bit dirty, break a fingernail, forget to shave my legs… so what? Life is fun, messy and unpredictable.
I don’t care what the latest fashion of the moment is – in a moment it will be gone.
I create my own style that empowers me in the life that I lead.
I listen to my gut feelings. They are always right.
Nature heals. Shopping doesn’t.
I have a few good friends … not a hoarde of acquaintances.
My partner is my best friend & confident

So there you go. My Tomboy Manifesto … I guess I’m interested in finding out if there’s any other tomboys out there who don’t own a single lipgloss, wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of 4 inch heels and absolutely know that jeans are the sexiest piece of clothing a girl can ever own.

thank you, amanda. we love your hip and tranquil tomboy ways! xo