my bucket list

love notes
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spent my saturday night shopping for the new tranquil space arlington studio we’re moving next weekend – body splash, trash cans, laundry baskets, hair ties, mops, mirrors, herbal tea. oodles of sundries necessary for welcOMing our beloved yogis.

before the shopping spree (aka oh-so-sexy saturday night adventure), i spent time working on my “bucket list.” in may i did the right hand side of the image above, and yesterday i completed the left hand side written over my new 168 hours timesheet. a great reminder to make my hours count.

here is a sampling of my list in no particular order:

sky dive – done
ride in hot air balloon
rock climb – done
hike grand canyon – done
backpack through europe – done
dance in paris – done
visit all 7 continents
pray in india
be a CNN hero
have high tea at the plaza eloise style
join toastmasters
be on the today show
see an opera in NY – done
see pope at the vatican – done
pick tea leaves in china
have a tiny cottage in the woods
run a half marathon
run a marathon
fire a pistol
take a train ride across the US
louvre – done
surfing lessons in hawaii – done
white water rafting – done
column in popular media
see moulin rouge – done
take a jazz class
live abroad for 6 mos
take golf lessons – done
visit tibet
don a hot pink sari
visit bali
have a rescue pet pig
sell on etsy
safari in africa
get a PhD
get MSW
host a tv show
donate one million dollars to charity
start a foundation – done
be on the cover of a magazine
be featured in a book – done
write a book – done
help end factory farming
write a best-seller
produce yoga practice CDs – done
sun in greece – done
eat in italy – done
sleep in a castle – done
have a loving partnership – done
take a sabbatical
gondola ride in venice – done
snowboard in colorado – done
produce a film/documentary
design a clothing line – done
see orangutans + gorillas in their natural habitat
be a full-time philanthropist
play the harmonium
take salsa lessons – done
go on a sleigh ride – done
bastille day in paris – done
teach yoga – done
write a memoir

now that i’ve shared a few dreams, please share a few of yours. what’s on *your* bucket list?