pardon my french

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image courtesy of the glitter guide

bonjour from the land of paper overwhelm.

as i work to crank out these papers in between a podcast interview with christine mason miller (this month’s featured online book club author), a phone call with robin fisher roffer, sir louis walking, and prep for tonight’s creativity circle launch, i wanted to take a moment to connect. whew! the past week has been an interesting whirlwind leaving me longing for my word of the year . . . spaciousness. et toi? february tends to have that effect on people!

i was lucky enough to carve out a bit of time last night with le beau. after teaching, we took candlelight yin together and dined at cafe green doing our best to not chat work for the hour we noshed on vegan yumminess. that felt so good and i woke up ready to hit the ground running with these two papers.

i hope to break up today’s deadlines by walking sir louis, engaging with two wonderful women, and launching my first in-person creativity circle in 5 years – all while sipping lots of tea and taking heaps of deep breaths. it makes the grad school crunch a bit more bearable.

on a separate note, you know i’m obsessed with the beautiful french culture, style, and language (very different from my oklahoma roots), but i have a tendency to, well, butcher the beautiful language despite two classes under my belt. thus, when this image came through my in box, i squealed and had to share. love the whole look (faux feathers preferred, of course) and thought you would, too!

so, s’il vous plaît pardon my french and have a happy, happy hump day.
bisous. x