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after working to organize pending projects, e-mails, and to-dos all day yesterday, beau and moi headed out to his cabin for the weekend. en route, we chatted work, dreams, plans as usual. i currently write tranquility du jour and contribute to additional blogs: TranquiliT, tranquil space, tranquil space foundation, the wish studio. feeling less than fresh and fabulous with my material, beau encouraged me to seek guest bloggers for tranquility du jour. “preposterous,” i initially proclaimed.
well, i’ve been percolating in the possibility and am tres excited about it. there is so much potential with this little blog. it’s been around for 5 years, has a loyal readership of amazingly creative and talented femmes, and, let’s be honest, we *all* need a dose of tranquility – especially with sprinkles on top.
if you are interested in musing once a week on tranquility du jour, please send moi a one-page writing sample by friday, october 30 musing on:
1. why writing for tranquility du jour appeals to you
2. ideas you have for your piece (ex. tranquil tuesdays, fashionable fridays, etc.)
3. anything else that you think would be helpful for me to know

i plan to “fancify” the blog’s look and make some fun changes based on guest blogger’s and reader’s suggestions over the next few months. if you have an idea, leave it in the comment section or send me an e-mail. submitting a suggestion will qualify you for a *giveaway* of my new tranquility to go audio yoga CD that releases october 30.

merci beaucoup.