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image courtesy of shopruche
one of the themes that has shown up in my art journal all week is simplicity. you too? are you feeling the need to let go, shed so much stuff? i love the simplicity movements and tips on living with less. if you were to visit chez moi, you’d find heaps of art supplies, a juicer and vitamix, shelves overflowing with books, stuffed closets, dresses hanging from doors and book shelves like works of art, three black furry creatures, stacks of paperwork, candles on any blank surface, a loo filled with bath products, and a loving, patient beau stuffed in between it all. yep, all within 600 square feet!
some plans for 2012 are to simplify chez moi, purchase an old airstream to girlify at le beau’s cabin, and get rid of stuff. for someone who adores thrifting and vintage shopping, this will be tricky. however, it’s important to go through basic steps as noted in the above illustration.

here are six simple steps for living simply:

1. limit what you bring into your home and office – only what you absolutely adore! 
2. for everything you bring in, let go of something. donate it or give it away.
3. set a budget for purchases and stick to it: groceries, clothing, books, art supplies, etc.
4. buy only essentials for one day, week, month, or even year. hmmm, a fun challenge!
5. shop secondhand for everything possible (clothing, books, supplies, electronics). it satiates the thrill of the hunt and is eco-friendly, too.
6. consider remaking things you have. tired of the old ratty sweater? turn it into legwarmers. bored with the plain hoodie or tee? embroider or paint something fabulous on it. 
wanna join moi in embracing a bit more simplicity this year? feels like a wonderful way to lighten our carbon footprint, tighten our purse strings, and practice more mindfulness. i’m in! et toi?
bisous. x