things i love: TranquiliT spring preview

love notes
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 1. 2in1 slip dress in polka dot
 2. 2in1 flashdance in lilac {note thumbholes}
 3. chevron maxi skirt w/ 2in1 fitted top
4. ballet wrap skirt in pearl with 2in1 fitted top
 5. 2in1 maxi dress in heather
6. full skirt wrap dress in celadon
7. new jumper {has pockets!} in stretch fleece

8. new parfait pant {has pockets!} in stretch fleece

 9. long sleeve wrap tunic in orchid

our locally sewn spring collection will launch mid-march online and is slowly starting to trickle into tranquil space studios. stay tuned to special sales, offerings, and how-to-wear scoop by joining the TranquiliT mailing list or tuning in to the facebook page

{save the date for spring pop-ups: april 5 in d.c. + may 3 in arlington}

may your daily dress-up by filled with tranquility, ease, and eco-fashion. bisous. x