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love notes
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while immersed to today’s writing of “living la vida tranquilista” for my publisher, i looked over at bonnard by our holiday tree. he was nibbling on the christmas lights so i snapped a photo of him looking innocent. this kitty has been a menace since day one. when he was a kitten he used to hide in the tree branches. now that he’s a bit . . . well, obese, he gnaws on lights instead.

also, delighted to share that my new 2010 AND 2011 planner pads arrived yesterday. i have a june 2009-june 2010 planner now, but it starts to get a bit cumbersome to carry two mid-year . . . so i bought a fresh 2010 one to decorate. hope to have some creative play time to do so (despite grad school deadlines) and will be sure to take photos.

next friday the 18th i have a play date schedule with my seamstress to craft and sew fun spins on a few fave TranquiliT pieces for my etsy store. *sew* excited to have some schedule creative space after a semester focused on graduate school. wonder what i did with my time before grad school. isn’t that how it always works? you feel overwhelmed, add something new, and wonder what you used to do with all your free time? we’re such malleable beings and able to take on more than we imagined. kudos to us!

once i finish my final two papers (and during study breaks this weekend), i plan to sketch out the spring collection. i’m debating what must-haves should be added (moi – skirted legging + flowy skirt a la paris style) and what should be subtracted (2-in-1 maxi dress). i’d *love* your feedback. the current collection is visible here: i’ll be unveiling new pieces and the chosen colors (thanks to your votes) tres soon.

off to tranquil space to handle accounting, programming, and planning pre-yoga tonight. best wishes for an oh-so-tranquil and whimsical wednesday. xo