tranquilista tour: day un

love notes
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delighted to be in california after 2-3 hours of slumber. was packing up TranquiliT orders and my own bags into the wee hours.

beau set up a fun way to stay connected during this journey – follow along on ustream with live updates daily. today’s will be at 4pm PT. look forward to sharing this adventure and can’t wait to meet soooo many of you! oh, and twitter peeps, follow us at #tranquilistatour.

here are 2 fun picks from our adventures today: a fabulous display at sephora with all the sales people donning the most phenomenal color of pink hair plus a smattering of colourful cotton candy – yum! we’re in anaheim as beau wanted to treat me to a stay at disneyland. growing up i went to forts, graveyards and national parks for family vacations so this is my first experience at a disney park. must confess, not totally my thing but *love* observing the “cast members” offer top notch customer service and to take in the beauty in which this enterprise is run. secret goal is to attend disney institute someday. they have something special going on in how they operate.

off to indulge in a lavender facial and massage pre-date night dinner with beau. more later as i realized (gasp!) that i haven’t posted my march dreams yet. february flew by and with this week’s mid-terms i’ve lost sense of time. hope your february dreams came true and i look forward to evaluating mine. *you* help keep me accountable!