TranquiliT lounge wear

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Long to live in something comfy, chic, and eco all at once? Moi, too! Look no further than the newly arrived TranquiliT lounge line. This collection is soft, 95% organic bamboo, stretches with your movements (5% spandex), and looks fabulous. Great for indulging with the Sunday paper and a yummy cup of jasmine tea at home, or topping off with a long strand of faux pearls and strappy heels for an art opening.

TranquiliT is designed for living, loving, and do-gooding in a creative, versatile, comfy way. I hope you enjoy the lounge line with the same enthusiasm that I had designing it.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we’ll be having a special online sale for all of you on our mailing list. Be sure to join to stay in-the-know on eco-fashion savings!

Also, busily working on fall designs. Please let us know if there is anything you must have added to your wardrobe and I promise to consider it in my rounds of sampling!

Thanks for indulging in TranquiliT! xoxo