tranquilosophy: where’s your flair?

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this week’s tranquilosophy muse is in honor of flair. i’m hopeful you’ve seen office space and recall the need for more flair scene. it always makes me giggle. i had these little buttons made to raise money for tranquil space foundation and they feature TranquiliT, tranquil space, tranquility du jour, and tranquil space foundation from rockbuttons. aren’t they the cutest? if i see bags, mugs, clipbords – really anything without a bow, i often request my team add more flair. it drives le beau crazy. i’ll find tossed aside bows removed from wine glass stems in our silverware drawer! yet, my passion for flair remains strong.
as i noted in the january issue of tranquilologie, i’ve developed a penchant for that one thing too many lately. you know, the over-accessorized, shoulda removed one piece of sparkle before leaving the house look! whether it’s multiple pieces of faux fur that don’t match or a sparkly vintage caftan with sequins shoes, it’s fulfilling my need for creative expression lately. at last night’s humane society sugar and champagne event i saw a girl with pink sprinkled throughout her hair and had a bit of hair envy. i miss my pink hair. awaiting my next internship placement to see how and if this will fit. if not, upon graduation may 2013 i will schedule a visit to the pink hairdresser!
we express flair in so many different ways – from the food we eat to the way we walk into a room to the outfit we put on in the morning to the yoga mat we use. sure we could blend in with everyone else, but why? a favorite quote of mine is “why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were meant to stand out?” so now, dear reader, i ask you this same question. WHY are you trying so hard to fit in when you were meant to stand out. and again, where’s your flair?
bisous. x