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this recently released TranquiliT piece has become a beloved must-have among many and i just saw the feature in daily candy. check us out in today’s weekend guide! i woke up at 3am and couldn’t sleep. second night in a row with sleep troubles – uh oh, what’s that about? i was working online and saw i had 2 new e-mails and wondered who would be e-mailing at this ungodly hour. what a treat to see my daily gem from daily candy with our TranquiliT feature!

after almost 11 years with my treasured 1991 jeep cherokee, it’s looking like it’s time for retirement. the poor little booger has been leaking water through the roof for many years and has acquired mold. now the engine, tires, and exhaust need so much maintenance work that i think i have to let it go. i drive it mainly to move it for the weekly street cleaning and have held onto it because it’s paid off (and i’m attached). i’ve camped in this car, driven it solo cross-country with everything i owned in it, seen the bridges of madison county in it – full of memories. i called the jeep dealership on wednesday to let them know my decision and then couldn’t do it. asked for two more days. i was delighted to see a great range of charities available to take the vehicle for their usage or to sell and put the proceeds toward their work. i’ve got a call into last chance for animals as their work caught my attention during last night’s searching.

anyone else ever had separation anxiety from an old ready-to-retire vehicle? i think i’ll replace the vehicle with a pink cruiser bike. it may not do for my occasional tar-jay travels but it will be a lovely to-and-fro option for the city. happy crusing.