week in review a la costa rica

love notes
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this week has definitely been out of the norm and it’s been good for the soul. here’s a rundown of my week in review:

– savored more papaya than should be legal
– 8 hours in a taxi to and from monteverde
– taught 10 hours of yoga
– offered up a “costa rica care package” to one lucky reader
– spent hours in the hammock
– read the happiness project by gretchen rubin
– checked in back hOMe on occasion
– began contemplating the creation of a “tranquility project”
– slept more than should be allowed (to bed by 9am, up by 6am)
– spa treatments galore: ear candling, reflexology, deep tissue, costa rican hot stone
– trunk show at rio shanti spa + boutique
– spoke oodles of broken spanish and somehow impressed beau with my “skills”
– explored longing for more freedom complete with visions of taking a bus or train across the US
– wrote critique of hill testimony i witnessed last week and emailed to professor
– wrote muse for tranquil space blog/june newsletter
– mingled off the mat with an amazing group of women
– rocked out to a mix of tori amos, mick jagger’s solo albums, eminem, and lokah
– met the cutest french poodle, coco (seen above with beau)
– dressed the cutest 5-year-old, elan, in a custom all-in-one mini wrap (seen above with moi)

this is my eighth journey to the lush land of costa rica. it is truly magical. the people appear to be so happy, the land so rich, the fruit so amazing, and the time passes slowly.